Initial consultation has positive effect


I wanted to thank you for the positive experience you were able to give to my dad yesterday. After the physio, he had a renewed enthusiasm for working to achieve the most he can, and it was great to see him so positive. He has met lots of people who have told him what he can’t do. It was refreshing to meet someone who could demonstrate what he can do and who encouraged him to go that extra bit. A positive attitude is so important.

Just having his right arm by his side, and being able to touch the wheel of his chair gave Dad encouragement…. and we almost got him to the point that he held his celebratory glass of red wine to drink, but he will stick to a straw for a little while longer..

Looking forward to sessions at Physability


About physability

Working with Individuals affected by paralysis for 16 years. Using Sport and exercise science with complementary therapies to meet client needs. Also Interested in Cold Laser therapy and traditional acupuncture to assist with the rehabilitation process.
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