Exercise at Physability

Exercise programmes at Physability are tailor-made to meet the individual requirements of every client. We are able to adapt and modify hundreds of exercises to suit individual abilities. Whether the exercise is performed lying on the exercise bench, seated in a wheel chair or standing using our custom built standing frames, we will find the exercise solutions for your specific needs. Our mission is to tap into every possible movement a client has to offer, optimising his or her potential to regenerate and re-educate muscle function.

The Equipment used is designed to provide people with paralysis with hundreds of exercises that would not be available to them in normal gym environments. Exercises can be performed lying down, seated or standing using specially built Exercise equipment. This method allows the therapist with a freedom to exercise clients in ways that would not normally be possible.

Our approach to exercise therapy is truly Interdisciplinary in nature defined as, “ more than one area of exercise science working in an integrated and coordinated manner to solve a problem” . Therapists at the Centre have the ability to tap into a number of disciplines ranging from the original concepts of the Dikul institute in Russia, to the disciplines of exercise science and complimentary therapy in order to meet client centred goals.